Financial Forensics

Financial Forensics

Something just isn't adding up? WPC can investigate financial discrepancies.

Financial Forensics focus on what has happened or is happening in your business. Forensics provide insights into financial, operational, and technical areas of your business. This information can then be used to help your business make quality decisions.

Forensics are used for more than just fraud investigations. Forensic services can also be used to help you understand the root cause of business issues, which can lead to mitigation strategies. These services can be used in business disputes, fraud investigation, and discrepancy analysis.

  • Analytics

  • Discovery Assistance & Analysis of Financial Records

  • Documenting proof of loss for insurance claims, due to employee theft or fraud.

  • Financial Investigations, including interviews

  • Fraud Prevention & Deterrence

  • Fraud Risk Assessment

  • Internal Control Analysis & Implementation

  • Investigating employment matters, such as theft or fraud.

  • Money Laundering Red Flags Training

  • Risk Assessment & Management

  • Presentations